Join Alex on his journey through Iceland as part of the Crean Challenge 2016.



We arrived in Dublin Thursday night at 9:20 pm after 20 minutes of bad directions from Ballygunner’s finest Shane McCormack.


The first half hour was a catch up with all the other participants from around Ireland. After the catch up we were sadly told to unpack our bags for a gear inspection to make sure we didn’t forget anything. It’s safe to say I have enough boxers for the day.


With that out of way we had to finish our logs ( basically everyone had to do half of their log ….) after that short panic we were presented with our Crean Challenge 2016 neckerchief ( which is extremely honkey )

Most people went to sleep soon after but because of certain people snoring I didn’t get any sleep. Delightful.




I managed to get an hour of sleep even with the rather unnaturally loud snoring. Filled with adrenaline we packed our bags and got on the bus in a matter of minutes after waking up.


We got to the airport where the banter began. We got into the check in zone. All the lads were amazed by the slick lad at the counter checking us in.
We then went straight to Burger King to get breakfast and went on to the flight. There was a great sigh of relief when the Captain announced his name was not Seán Ó Gríofa and I knew there would be no flipdydips or dipdyflips.
We arrived in Iceland to be amazed by the snow and the cold.


Tune in over the coming days for updates and photos from Iceland.