Project Description

Cub Scouting is a fun and adventurous programme for young people aged 9, 10 and 11 years of age.

Cubs are encouraged to work, play and grow together through a programme of games, crafts, nature study and adventurous activities in the outdoors which are designed to match the vivid imagination of young people of this age. Our two Cub Packs offer an excellent range of activities and experiences to their members and participation in them continues to provide a great introduction to the world of Scouting.

Members of the 3rd Macaoimh at the 2009 County Cub Hike

Get with the Programme!

Our Programme consists of a meeting once a week (on Monday or Tuesday from 7.30 to 9.00pm) at our Den in Stephen Street. There is also day activities, visits and occasional weekend activities. Over the past year these have included hikes in the Comeragh Mountains, weekends in Faithlegg and Dublin, visits to Waterford Airport, Waterford Crystal, the Garda station and the Fire station.

Members of the 3rd Macaoimh at the 2009 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

There have also been various theme nights held which meant adopting a country for a night and dressing in their National costumes and eating the local food. Other activities have included orienteering, tent pitching, photography, water safety and even shelter building. Meeting nights typically consist of games and learning through doing with the Cub Scout Award Scheme.

Members of the 3rd and 7th Macaoimh at the 2008 County Quiz

The Cub Packs have been a key component of the Group since they were set up back in 1966 and over the years hundreds of young people have benefited from the Group’s commitment to this section with an active and varied programme at the centre of their success. Today the two packs are under the leadership of Niall McCarthy (the 3rd Pack which meets on Monday nights) and Brian Doyle (the 7th Pack which meets on Tuesdays) and they are supported by a strong leadership team.

Members of the 3rd Macaoimh on a hike to Ballyscanlon Woods in February 2009

Cub Scouts are given more responsibility and more say in the running of the programme and as a result can do more. Responsibility is the key to helping the Cub Scout grow as it teaches them to look after themselves and to look out for others. They spend more time working in small groups and making decisions as a team. Each Six has a leader (Sixer) and assistant leader (Seconder). Every Cub Scout should have a job to do in the Six and they should be given more responsible jobs as they progress. The Sixer’s Council should meet periodically to chat about bigger issues or topics and to guide the direction of programme. Scouters should ensure that each Cub Scout is given the chance to take on additional responsibility as they develop and the chance to act as the leader of a small group on a regular basis.

Members of the 3rd Macaoimh on the 2008 County Hike in Portlaw

Getting out into Nature is what Cub Scouting is all about. There is so much to explore in nature and the Cub Scout Programme will help the Cub Scout what to look out for.

Members of the 7th Macaoimh on a Waterford Scout County Fun Day