The 2013 Annual Camp of the 7th De La Salle Scout Troop took place at Glenshelane, Co. Waterford from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th July 2013.

The camp was mainly about getting back to the basics of scouting skills. The troop did everything from kayaking, rafting, pioneering, hiking and much more from the scouting trail. A full report is given below and the photos are thanks to Keith Cunningham, Elaine Hayes and Pure Adventure Ireland.  Click on any image to view it at full size!


Wednesday 24th

At ten o’clock on Wednesday morning we left the mayors walk on the bus, we had the scouts, the leaders and all the gear and we were on the road to Glenshelane Campsite. We had everything but the kitchen sink, that would be supplied up there. (We Hoped!)

An hour later we arrived to the campsite and unloaded our gear. The Bulls patrol then set about putting up the site while the Falcons pitched three tents and a shelter before a spot of fishing.

The Bulls put up a rather well done site if I do say so myself. Unfortunately the ground was as hard as concrete and the stakes and pegs were nearly impossible to hammer in.


All this hard work had the scouts ravenous for a good hearty dinner. Beef stew and potatoes.


Throughout the day the weather stayed fine and a good day was had by all. (That’s a before picture of the dinner not an after!)

Thursday 25th

We were awoken to the most interesting wake up call.





As you can probably tell we were delighted to hear this first thing in the morning.

Most had sleepy heads but after a good breakfast of Choco krunchies/Rice krunchies (whichever tickled your fancy) and fruit we were all geared up for a good days kayaking.

The car journey took about fifteen to twenty minutes. When we arrived we were kitted out with wetsuits (if we didn’t have one) life jackets and helmets.


We then boarded our vessels and got a crash course on what to do if you crashed and how to paddle



Now experts at the art of kayaking on dry land we launched our boats.


We were all shattered and ready for bed at this stage.

Friday 26th

Again we were woken up the same way (Grrrrr Tony! GRRRR!). But some were up early washing their hair………………………………………… the sink


The day’s activities consisted of a host of backwoods bases. From fire lighting, cooking, shelter building, collecting water and making a broiler.

Fire lighting


Shelter building




Making a broiler




During the afternoon we had some free time where Luke demonstrated how to fly.


After our dinner of bangers, mash and baked beans, and with the clean up done (the burnt beans removed from the pot) the campfire got into full sing…yes sing, Katherine our local rockstar Venture gave us a few songs we knew and a couple of her own. (she’s on youtube apparently).




Saturday 27th

On the agenda for today was large pioneering we built an hourglass tower and a raft. We begun the morning, now with fresh clean smelling hair, by attempting the very technical hourglass tower, 4 hours later and many lifts and drops Cunny was finally happy with the finished project…..thank God!!!



We then had a lovely lunch (and the leaders coke!)


After our lunch we got to building our raft….”Was it bomb proof Michael?”…”Bomb proof Roddy, It even took Seamus, Sarah, Tony and Elaine in and back to Cappoquinn for the shopping for dinner!”


For dinner we had fajitas they were delicious. Yuuuuuummmmmm!

A final full day of camp over and one last campfire to warm the midges for the night time feed!



Sunday 28th

Sunday we arose to beautiful sunshine, great the tents would go home dry and save us a week of work!, That lasted all of ten minutes and the torrential downpours put pay to our optimism. All the waiting in the world wasn’t going to turn it round for us so we hastily broke camp (the bus for once had arrived early) and headed home,


Our spirits weren’t dampened and a good time was had by all……………………………….