Last weekend the Group was asked by Paddy Kelly (of the 13th Scouts and the Order of Malta) to provide support and a campsite for a secret air crash exercise at Waterford Regional Airport organised by the Order of Malta and involving Waterford and Wexford Order of Malta, Waterford Airport Fire Services, Waterford Search and Rescue and the Waterford Coast Guard.



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Dale O’Sullivan, Ciara Molloy, Adam Murphy and Rebecca Tubritt-McEvoy of 3rd Scouts, Philip Lawrence and Alex Phelan of 7th Scouts and, Ruairi O’Hogartaigh and Jack Pickard of the DLS Ventures represented the Group with Paschal Guilfoyle and Oisin O’Byrne.




The scenario was that a plane had crashed into a small Scout Camp with around 36 casualties. Immediately the Waterford Airport Fire Services were on site to deal with the fire that had broken out. Afterwards the Order of Malta were on the scene providing all manner of first aid adn triage together with the HSE, and the Waterford Coast Guard with their awesome helicopter. The Waterford Search and Rescue search dog team were also out looking for any remaining survivors. The whole event lastest two and a half hours from crash to having everyone treated and fed.




Thankfully all Scouts survived with mere broken bones, severe burns, and all kinds of pains and ailments.

Report with thanks to Oisin O’Byrne.