Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world and both Waterford City and the De La Salle Scout Group have a long tradition in Scouting. On the 1st February 2013 we will reopen our third Scout troop (the 13th De La Salle) after an absence of 11 years. We spoke to leaders Tara and Seán to find out what’s the deal?

Why is De La Salle setting up a new Scout section?

De La Salle Scout Group has always had a healthy number of youth members and together with 3 thriving cub packs feeding only 2 scout sections, the need to re-open the 13th has presented itself.  The 13th will cater for young people of ages 12, 13, 14 and 15, offering a unique blend of activities and experiences with a special emphasis on adventure and the outdoors.

When will it be meeting?

We will be meeting every Friday from 1800-1930 with longer meetings as the summer draws in. Boys and girls are welcome to join. The Group also holds that Scouting should be accessible to young people of all backgrounds and from all parts of the community.

What normally happens at meetings and who can join?

What doesn’t happen at a meeting? One week we may be scaling the top of a 14 foot tower having just constructed it from sisal and spars and the next week, we may be in the den exploring the benefits of the leave no trace policy. Everything in between happens and these are just some of the examples ; map work, social media awareness, anti-bullying seminars, bush craft, giant cook offs, indoor and outdoor patrol challenges, first aid, personal development, badge work.
What kind of activities will ye be doing?

Obviously at a meeting, we are time limited and implement the one programme and conduct activities as above but we do also go away on weekends to the mountains and different camp sites around Ireland. We run a very active programme which include all of the adventure skills which are Paddling, Rowing, Hill Walking, Emergencies, Pioneering, Camping, Air Activities, Camp Craft, Back Woods.

Who are the new leaders?

There is a very experienced team of Scouters leading the 13th which will be headed up by Tara O’Neill as the new section leader. She will be joined by Patrick Kelly, Seán Ó Gríofa, John Kinsella and Colm O h’Ogartaigh.
How do I or my son/daughter join up?

Answer: Easy! Drop Tara a line on 086 896 1610, find us and send us a message on Facebook or tweet us @dlscouts