We spoke to the new Group Leader – Keith Cunningham about a variety of different things and here’s what he had to say.


Firstly Keith, all of us here at the Online Team would you to congratulate you on your election and wish you all the best in your tenure as Group Leader.


1. Most of us know you very well but some people may not so tell us a bit about yourself.


I’ve been part of De La Salle Scout Group since 1988, have been a cub, scout, venture, and leader, missed a few years in the 2000’s but have been part of the leadership team of the 7th Scouts since late 2007. Professionally I’m an architectural technician, thatcher, and recently became a post-primary school teacher. I’m also a major sports fan, and enjoy the outdoors and in particular love scouting skills.


2. What does it mean for you to be Group Leader of a group with a long and fruitful history?


I shall be representing a Group that is almost 90 years old, and shall be looking to maintain the long standing traditions and integrity of our group.
I am here to listen to our sections, to facilitate, inspire and create an enjoyable environment for all members.
I want to establish and nurture our common growth plan to see us sustain a successful future of quality scouting in De La Salle.


3. What are the top three things you are going to change/develop within the group?


Bring a greater sense of togetherness between sections.
Enhance the ONE program and it’s delivery.
Create support structures and strategies to improve the scouting experience in DLS for all our members.


4. What is your most cherished scouting moment?


This is a tough one, but for me the thing I cherish the most is at the end of the day, sitting at the campfire, with scouts and scouters, chatting about what we had done, knowing we have achieved something that day, and tomorrow we get to do it all again.


5. How do they put the figs in the Fig Rolls?


Should possibly be a base on a county challenge sometime…but in order to actually get a fig into a fig roll you need small nimble fingers so I reckon using the beaver scouts would be the best chance.


6. With the advent of social media and the migration of most things online, how do you think the role of Group Leader has changed in recent years?


I don’t think the role has changed that much over the years, you still need to pay attention to the basics like recruitment, finance, making sure the sections are resourced etc., but social media has added to our ability to promote what we do to a wider audience, of course we also have to be careful to maintain a highly mindful and respectful approach to what we post.


7. Where do you see the group in 5 years?


I would hope in 5 years that our common development plan would be working well and that our membership would have increased.


8. Who is/are going to be your Assistant Group Leader/s?


To be confirmed….working on it as we speak!


9. What made you want to become Group Leader?


I think my strategising and planning from my professional background will be good for the group.
I see it as another great challenge to be relished.
It will compliment my own personal growth and my professional career.


10.Finally, are your crazy hats going to make an appearance again?


For me scouting is a hobby, it is something we should all thoroughly enjoy, each week, each weekend, and at times the simplest of things can bring a bit of fun to an activity. And I do like a good crazy hat!