David “Ginter” Collins has decided to step down from the role of Group Leader citing personal reasons.


The group would like to sincerely thank Ginter for his hard work, honesty and integrity over his tenure as Group Leader.


Two leaders have stepped in to the breach and put their names up for election – Keith Cunningham from the 7th Scouts and former Group Leader Seamus Purcell.


Both very experienced individuals with a lot to give to the group but it is up to you who gets their chance to take the reigns.


The voting guidelines are as follows.


Adult Scouters:
3 votes per programme section.
1 vote Pipe Band rep. on Group Council.


Youth Members:
1 vote per each Scout Court of Honour and Venture Executive. Total of 4 votes.


Group Leader, Secretary, Treasurer, Quarter Master and Training Officer. 1 vote each.


Casting Vote.


Family and Friends Support Group:
Following discussions with The Group Leader this group has not been accepted by Group Council and will not be voting.


We lead, others follow.