In 2002, with great regret the decision was made to close the 13th Scout Troop due to dwindling numbers. Last Friday, history was made with the re-birth of the 13th De La Salle Scouts.


At 1800 on the 22nd of February 2013, the den was alive again the cheers and screams of Ship to Shore and British Bulldog coming from the 13th scouts. This re-opening brings the total number of sections within De La Salle Scout Group to 11 with over 300 youth members.


The new scouts were given tutorials in various aspects of scouting. The trangias were taken out. Knot work, pioneering were given a go and they learned about Baden Powell and the history of the organisation.


Speaking with Section Leader Tara O Neill, she spoke with delight at the number of new scouts who came in off the street who have no prior experience.

We had a really good turn out tonight and our plan in the coming 4 weeks is to visit more schools and market the new troop externally. We have orienteering planned for 2 weeks time and we are really keen to do as many activities as possible.

said Tara speaking with us on the night of the re-opening.


If you would like to join De La Salle′s newest troop, you can contact here on our website, find us on Facebook, tweet us or contact Tara directly on 086 896 1610


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