While the Waterford hurlers still have to do battle to be Munster’s 2011 Champions the De La Salle Scouts got there this weekend as they were crowned Munster Champions in a pipe band competition held in Tralee on Sunday June 19th. As the members of the band and their supporters left Waterford in the early hours of Sunday morning they were full of anticipation and hoped that they would bring glory once again to there native City. As a precaution, due to the predicted bad whether the competition was moved indoors but thankfully the weather remained good throughout the day and the bands were able to prepare outside where pipes and drums are heard at their best. As the band tuned and got ready for the various competitions throughout the day small crowds of people gathered informally to listen and given that the majority of the members of the band are so young they commented very favorably on their musical ability. Members of the band competed in three band competitions and the band’s young Drum Major also took to the parade ground to show off her skills.