Scouts from the De La Salle Scout Group and the Waterford Scout County are being urged to support a very important environmental project in Co. Kerry. The website at highlights the re-introduction of the white-tailed sea eagle which is due to take place this summer in County Kerry. The community of Kerry and visitors from across Ireland are looking forward to welcoming these incredible creatures back to the skies and wilds of the south west again after a hundred years or so but of late the work is coming under attack by a small number of people who are seeking a deferral of the scheme. In response, a short focused campaign is underway expressing support for the project. Their aim is to collect 10 000 names of people in support by St Patrick’s Day, to be presented as a counter weight to the negative headlines for Minister of the Environment to consider before he takes any actions he might think are wise ahead of the forthcoming election.  For now, it is crucial that you support the most exciting nature re-introduction project ever undertaken in Ireland by clicking on