Above: Richard, Stephen and Brian from the 3rd Scouts help set the new Scouting national record in Supersize Jenga.

Congratulations to Stephen Bailey, Brian Haughney and Richard Smith from the 3rd De La Salle Scout Troop who helped to set a new national scouting record for supersize jenga at Mount Mellary Scout Centre on the 2nd of December last.  Jenga is a same of physical and mental skill in which players remove blocks which are arranged in rows of three from a tower and must then place them on top.  Mount Mellary Scout Centre have a specially commissioned large size version of the game and during the Waterford Scout County PLs and APLs training weekend held recently the lads managed an unprecedented removal and replacement of 42 blocks before the tower finally came crashing down. The last 12 or so moves were extremely tense, particularly as the lads approached the national record set by the De La Salle Scout Group in the normal size version game in Fethard on Sea in 2000 (37 moves). The lads took part in the very successful training weekend along with 36 other scouts from across the county. Other activities included night navigation, fire lighting, roasting chickens, trapping animals, first aid, shelter building, team challenges and games, bouldering, training on the Court of Honour and a very lively campfire.  There are more details on the 3rd’sTroop Blog page and there are lots of photos on our Gallery page.