At the Annual General Meeting of the De La Salle Scout Group held on Tuesday the 10th of January 2006 it was confirmed that Group Leader, David Rogers, having completed his three year term as Group Leader, had decided not to stand for a second term.  The Group Council expressed its sincere thanks to David for his hard work and determination and his overall exceptional commitment to the position and to the group.  He accomplished a huge amount in his term as Group Leader including a strengthening of the leadership teams in all sections, improved communication systems throughout the group and the overseeing of the launch of the group’s development fund and programme to construct a new scout den.  He also oversaw the groups 75th anniversary celebrations, the pipe band’s 70th anniversary and established the group as an important part of the Waterford Scout County and the new association of Scouting Ireland. He will be sorely missed from his position and the group council wished him all the best for the future, it also expressed its hope that he would back with us soon.

Above: David Rogers (Left) with the band and Owen Riordan (Right) on the County Challenge Weekend.

Owen Riordan was then nominated and confirmed as the new Group Leader.  Owen has over 20 years of leadership experience with De La Salle having been an Assistant Scoutleader and Scoutleader with the 7th Scout Troop for over ten years.  He then went on to become Assistant Venture Leader and then Venture Leader of the De La Salle Venture Scout Group. He has also served as Assistant Group Leader for the past three years.  Speaking after his election, Owen spoke of the challenges that lie ahead, chief of which is the securing of our future with the new scout den. All at the Group Council wished him well in his new role and pledged their support at this important time in the history of the group. Meanwhile Tom Casey was renominated as Group Treasurer while Karen Kenneally was renominated as Group Secretary.