The ever active 7th De La Salle Cubs were off adventuring again laat weekend. This time the location was Duncannon Fort in County Wexford. Find out how they got on.





Saturday 27th October 2012.


We arrived at the well know Duncannon Fort at 11am on Saturday morning. After a short time settling in and putting our bags in the main hall, we all ran off to investigate the dungeons – where the leaders thought it was funny to lock us all in a dark cell. Ha Ha. After lunch we went to the beach and broke up into two groups.  Some enjoyed crab fishing and the others played cricket (which I was brilliant at) – then we all swapped over and it was our turn for crab fishing. We caught a large crab (which we nicknamed cauliflower) , and after reading the story about the message in a bottle being washed up in passage east, we marked the crab with the DLS logo and returned him to the sea again.
Before dinner we had and investiture for all our new cubs, it is nice to have more new faces joining our group, they all seem to be settling in well. For dinner it was spaghetti Bolognese or pasta and cheese. There was garlic bread as well that some of the scouts tried to cook in the fire but they burned it and it was disgusting!!! After such a big day, we were all starving. When darkness fell we were running around the cells, then we all turned off our torches, it was frightening but so much fun. Then we all headed off to the beach again for a brilliant game of espionage and after the loss of 2 head torches and some clothing we eventually got back to the fort. Before bed, we had some games, a spelling competition and a discussion on our likes and dislikes in cubs. We all gladly went off to bed at about 11.30pm and with all we had done all day – it didn’t take them too long to get us all to go to sleep. Mind you, I suppose the fact that Paul said any messing during the night and we would have to clean the boys toilets in the morning and that they were extra stinky didn’t hurt.

Sunday 28th October 2012.

We got up for breakfast at about 7am. We were all in a hurry to eat up and then put away our gear to get the most out of our last few hours in the fort. And of course the rain came but we didn’t care.
We went back for another play in the cells and everyone was eager for another go at crab fishing, we used up the last of the bait of fish heads and guts and bits of fish I didn’t know existed ( I dropped my line in the sea ). Then we went back to the den for a few more games before it was time for us all to bid Duncannon a farewell at 1pm.


Desmond Kavanagh and Aoife Casey.


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