We arrived at the den in Kilkenny at 7 o’clock on Friday the 19th of April 2013. As we were sleeping in the scout hall we had no tents to pitch, so we were allowed to do our own thing.

The boys played football and the girls played catch and some girls just chatted (about the boys). That night the girls watched Mama Mia while the boys were in the other room having to listen to all the girls dancing and singing (poor them).  After that we all got sandwiches, crisps and cookies. They were delicious. Later the boys came into girl’s room and we started to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green. At about midnight we split from the boys and then “some of us” went to sleep.


On Saturday morning we all got breakfast. We had a choice of toast or cereal. After a while we headed for the park. Later we walked to the cinema. We saw The Croods, it was brilliant! Then we went back to the park where our leader Peter spent his time on the spinners (Spinners are for kids aged 12 and under!). After that we went back to the scout hall and played around for a bit.  Then we had chicken nuggets, beans and chips. Paul could really do with going on master chef to upgrade his cooking skills (Only Joking).


A couple of hours later we went on the climbing wall. It was so much fun, although I only got about 2 meters off the ground.  Later we lit a fire and sang campfire songs and then settled down in the girl’s bedrooms and watched Here Comes the Boom and then went to bed. Unfortunately there were a few fart explosions that night (because of beans).


On Sunday everyone was tired. A lot of the packing was done. The best part of Sunday was swimming. But when we got back we had to clean our rooms and the halls and bathrooms. After we were finished we were left off to do our own thing and play until our parents picked us up.


I really loved the weekend


it was so much fun.


By Kate Phelan


Thanks to Paul, Lynette, Billy, David and Peter.


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