We came back in September to embrace an amazing year ahead with our section, we lost some and gained a few new characters within our group which keeps us on our toes. In September we even managed to show them how to pitch tents in the secret garden which was great fun, the larking around was non stop and at one stage they hid in the tent for John to find them.


We got to take them to Duncannon Fort which was a brilliant weekend even when John took us on one of his famous hikes around the Fort. The kids thoroughly enjoyed finding the craggy boy in his cell, I’ve never seen David move as fast in all my life!!! The most eventful part was finding senator David Guilfoyle on the beach that night. The cubs got to go crab finding on the beach as well as a ‘short’ hike from John. They all got stuck into using the flint and steel for the first time and getting it to spark was a great experiment. Hats off to Adam for managing it so well.


For Halloween we had our annual party with a few new and old games which everyone joined in, even the leaders. The most entertaining was the flour volcano where the leaders heads were imprinted with great enthusiasm by all concerned. Throughout the course of the year we got a few invested as well as giving out the award beads to the deserving cubs who were great to achieve such an award, the participation in everything was fantastic. They were all brilliant at turning up when required especially at the St. Patricks Day Parade and the group photo with the Chief Scout.


We had the pleasure of joining up with the other two cub packs and went to Wexford Heritage Centre where everyone mixed well and enjoyed the guided tour. Ginter even remembered to do the required head count when necessary! The highlight of the trip was when they got to see a demonstration of weapons and got to participate. We got a great photo of them all together on the boat! I think a few might have me getting lost at the top of the hill as a highlight – I strongly disagree!!!!


Over the year we got a few hikes in and Faithlegg got a few visits but to finish our year, we finished off in Tramore Scout Den where we had great fun on our hikes on the beach and a midnight hike on the Doneraile especially with John leading the troop. Thankfully the weather stayed good for us and we all thoroughly enjoyed having Sunday morning on the beach trying to soak everyone in sight needless to say the kids had a ball and were completely covered in sand by the time we were finished. Looking forward to seeing everyone in September – have a great summer and take care!