Today we all met at the den at 6pm for a surprise outing.
We ended up going to the Winterval Mini Farm ( they kept it open just for us). We saw chickens, calves, emus, lambs, sheep, shetland ponies, lamas and reindeers. Next we were going to go to the light show, but it was closed ! Then we tried to go on the carousel – but that was closed too ! Seems like everything is nearly closed. So just when we thought we had to go back to the den, our leaders saved the day by taking us to McDonalds to have some yummy ice-cream. On our way back to the den we looked at the twinkly lights in John Roberts Square. Everyone agreed we all had a great night.
Aishling & Freya
DLS 3rd Beavers
Tuesday, 4th December 2012